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About the Arf Awards


To foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals, through Education and legislation. We strive to take care of the homeless, to defend the abused and to fight with unrelenting diligence for the recognition of all.

The Arf Awards is an organization that supports animal welfare. Net proceeds primarily benefit nonprofit organizations. A portion of the proceeds benefit other local nonprofits.

Meet the president and founder, Gloria McDermott!  

Gloria McDermott was watching a competitive show on television and suddenly had the idea of writing and producing an awards show just for dogs.

The result is a fun, action packed, star studded gala filled with variety and humor that includes dogs and their owners competing for the prestigious ARF-E in several cleverly created categories. Also included in the annual show are both live and silent auctions with stunning luxury items offered for bidding. All proceeds including entry fee's benefit the chosen charities.

Gloria, a former Beverly Hills jewelry designer, created the ARF-E: a dog in a tuxedo standing on a pedestal holding a dog bone that says "Best ."

The success of the Arf Awards show since its beginnings in the year 2000 is fast becoming recognized all over the nation due to the generous participation of stars such as Jo Ann Worley, Shirley Jones, Dick Van Patten, Marty Ingles, Rip Taylor, Kaye Ballard, and many others. If you have an animal charity that you would like to have benefit from the Arf Awards please contact us to discuss the many possibilities. Additionally, Gloria McDermott is considering offering various franchise chapters of the Arf Awards.

For more information please contact Gloria McDermott at (760) 327-9822, or email us at: ArfAwards@yahoo.com

Dog-Oskar the academy award for the K-9 World!
ARF-E, the award for the K-9 World!